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Our company is a pharmaceutical wholesale enterprise established in 1998.
SPIROMED is one of the few firms that are specialised in sales of pharmaceuticals for specific allergy vaccination and tests for allergy diagnosis.
We are expert both in vivo and in vitro diagnostics as well. Our staff has already 15 years of experience and professional knowledge in this territory, therefore we have built up an excellent co-operations with the allergy, dermatology centres, hospitals and clinics for pneumonotherapy in Hungary.

Our mission
We devote our activity to fight against the allergy to improve the quality of people's life who are suffering from allergy diseases and want to contribute to ease suffering of these patients.
We are making efforts to introduce the scientific research as well as the practical application of specific allergy vaccination .
Our aim is to offer a special treatment for the physicians and the patients.
Our experienced and professional team includes pharmacists, local and international logistic specialists, marketing experts who are enable to ensure a high level service for our customers.


Promotional and marketing activity to support products' sales of our exclusive suppliers. Organizing of conferences, symposiums as well as participation in these events. Scientific publications.

Market research
Search for new products and suppliers in order to enlarging our market share and turnover.

Launch of new products
Concluding agreements with suppliers, obtaining licences from the relevant authorities.

Import and wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic products

Pharmaceuticals for specific allergy vaccination and tests for allergy diagnosis.
These medicines as well as diagnostic products are supplied by well-known and internationally certified manufacturers where the quality of raw material as well as the whole production is strictly controlled according to GMP's regulation.
Regarding the allergy products imported by us, we have been granted the exclusive distribution rights in Hungary.
Deliveries are performed in the frame of long term distribution agreements concluded with our suppliers while our marketing and promotional activities are supported by manufacturers' background.
Our turnover is continuously increasing. We are the market leader in the fields of allergy products in Hungary.
Due to registration of our leading allergy products and after their integration into the health insurance reimbursement system further sales increase can be expected in 2005.
This will also result an easier and simpler prescription manner.

Named patient supply for different indications - on request

Distribution of other products in connection with curing of allergy

  • Curatest® and Curatest F® patch tests for epicutan tests
  • Disposable bacterial filters and mouthpiece for respiratory tests
    Sun protect products Daylong® and MicroBan®produced by the Swiss company Spirig Pharma
  • Special anti-allergy beddings of Billerbeck for patients suffering from allergy

We possess the necessary licences for import and distribution of human medicines.

Quality assurance
We pay a great attention to ensure that all the products arriving at our company have to meet the quality requirements valid at that time.

Warehousing operation is ensured in a licensed and inspected store.

Supply chain
It is managed either by own trucks or courier service.